Galapagos Day Tours to uninhabited islands

Galapagos Day Tours to uninhabited islands

From the main Galapagos Islands Santa Cruz and San Cristóbal you can make a day tour. These day tours will go to some of the uninhabited islands on the Galapagos Islands.

Galapagos Day tours from Santa Cruz to next uninhabited islands:


Bartolomé Island is a volcanic islet near the east coast of Santiago Island. It is one of the “youngest” islands in the Galapagos archipelago and as a result of the beautiful views Bartolomé is one of the most popular visitor sites.

The diversity and richness of this island is related to the phenomenon of the outcrop. The very cold waters surround the coast and provide food for many marine species.

The Pinnacle Rock, formed by an eroded tuff cone, is the most emblematic formation of the Archipelago.
Animals you can see on and nearby the island: penguins, sharks, herons, hawks, rays, finches.

North Seymour:

North Seymour is located near Baltra Island. It was formed by the rise of an underwater lava formation.

The entire island is covered with low, dense vegetation. North Seymour has a visitor’s airstrip approximately two kilometers long. This airstripe crosses the island’s road and allows you to explore the rocky shoreline.

A tiny forest of silver-grey Palo Santo trees stand just above the landing (dry landing on black lava rocks). Usually these trees are without leaves, waiting for the rain to bring them into bloom.

At North Seymour you can discover colonies of seabirds. Witness closely the most intimate behaviors of courtship, breeding and nesting.

Animals on and nearby North Seymour: frigates, blue-footed boobies, sea lions, marine iguanas, forked-tailed gulls, snakes, herons, hawks, sharks, and rays.

Santa Fe:

Santa Fe Island is located in the Southeastern part of the Galapagos Archipelago between Santa Cruz and San Cristóbal.

Geologically it is one of the oldest islands since volcanic rocks of around four million years have been found. On this island is a landing site located in Barrington Bay on the northeast side of the island with a large numbers of sea lions on the beaches of this bay.

The Santa Fe land iguana is endemic to the island where the lava lizard is found and it has a turquoise lagoon and calm waters where sea lions are seen.

South Plaza:

South Plaza is one of the smallest islands located on the east coast of Santa Cruz.

The southern plaza of the island was formed by a stream of lava from the bottom of the ocean. Despite its small size the island is home to a large number of species and is famous for its extraordinary flora.

On the steep banks, it is possible to see a large number of birds like the forked-tailed gulls. You can enjoy the beautiful view from the top of the steep banks or walk along the base of the cliff.

Very attractive are the beautiful thorny trees or cacti and of course the large colony of Galapagos land iguanas. The vegetation on this island changes its color from deep green in the rainy season to orange and purple in the dry season.

On South Plazas you can find colonies of sea lions, land and hybrid iguanas and countless birds that fly off the cliffs.

Galapagos Day Tours from San Cristóbal will be offered:

Lobos Island:

Lobos Island is situated at the northeast of San Cristóbal.

At the northeast of San Cristóbal a small island surprises visitors with its particular charm. Lobos Island offers you the possibility of observing a population of blue-footed boobies, common frigates and sea lions.

The white coral beach on this island offers the opportunity to walk around and relax and swim in shallow waters.

Kicker Rock:

Kicker Rock or Leon Dormido is an amazing rock formation near San Cristobal Island.
The erosion has given the rock its characteristic shape. Many see it as a sleeping sea lion or Leon Dormido in Spanish.

The rocks form an exceptional canal to observe species like blue footed booby birds, Nazca boobies, frigates, pelicans and sea lions.

This island is an excellent place to do snorkeling or diving. In the waters around this island you can observe Galapagos sharks, white- and black-tipped reef sharks, hammerheads, sea turtles, eagle rays and many tropical fish.

Included in the day tours are transportation, hikes, snorkeling and a box lunch.

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