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Ecuador is the most diverse country in South America and is best known for its diverse landscapes. You can go from the pristine beaches to the towering volcanoes and from the bustling cities to the enchanting Amazon. In the Amazon rainforest you will be located in the middle of the jungle, you will go by boat to the lodge, and you will have the chance to see many different animal species in their natural habitat. Meet the indigenous people like the Shuar, Kichwa and the Siona tribes and explore one of the Amazon regions in Ecuador: Cuyabeno, Yasuni and Napo.

The Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon is the largest tropical forest on Earth, crosses as many as nine countries in South America and extends into the eastern part of Ecuador. The Amazon River has a length of 6992 kilometers, and has 1100 tributaries. Here you’ll find wetlands, lagoons and dense rainforests.
The Amazon region in Ecuador can be divided into several areas including, Cuyabeno, Yasuni and Napo.

Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve

Cuyabeno, nestled in the northeastern part of Ecuador, deep in the Amazon. Is known for its Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve and for its biodiversity. The reserve offers opportunities for ecotourism, including jungle treks, canoeing, and wildlife observation, making it a popular destination for nature enthusiasts.
You will find many different species of animals such as ten different species of monkeys, piranhas, caimans, sloths, two species of dolphins, tapirs, a lot of bird species and an abundance of insects and reptiles.

How to get to Cuyabeno?

The tours in this area will start from the ´Cuyabeno Bridge´.
The tours often start early, a Tourism night bus can bring you from Quito to the Cuyabeno Bridge, for $ 30 p.p. per way. From the Cuyabeno Bridge, you will be picked up by a boat and sail the last stretch to the lodge.

Yasuní National Park

Yasuní, situated in the eastern region of Ecuador and south of Cuyabeno, also deep in the Amazon. Houses the expansive Yasuní National Park, one of Ecuador’s largest protected areas. Yasuní is known as one of the most biodiverse places in the world, with a rich variety of flora and fauna, including rare and endangered species.
In Yasuni you will find more than 600 birds and 173 mammals such as 11 species of monkeys, caimans, jaguars, sloths, tapirs, giant otters and a lot of different insects and reptiles. Also found here are the arapaima, the world’s largest scaled freshwater fish. Macaws in the most beautiful colors and the harpy eagle if you are lucky!

How to get to Yasuni?

The tours in this area will start from Coca. To get here you can take a bus or plane from Quito, the capital. Due to the weather circumstances, the flights can be delayed. Once you are in Coca, you will take a bus to the Harbor La Mision and from here you will be picked up by a boat and sail the last stretch to the lodge.
Usually when you book a tour to the Amazon Rainforest it includes transportation from Coca to the lodge, you don’t have to figure this out yourself.

The Napo area

Starting the tours from Tena.

Napo area includes the upper basin of the Napo River, which rejoins the great Amazon River in Peru. Napo is not as deep in the Amazon as Cuyabeno or Yasuni. But as in Cuyabeno and Yasuní, you will also find a wide range of animal species such as different species of monkeys, caimans, many birds, sloths, an abundance of insects and reptiles and the giant river otter.

How to get to Napo?

The jungle tours in the Napo area, will start in Tena or Mishualli.  
To get here you can take a bus from Quito, the capital, to Tena. Once you are in Tena, you will be picked up by the lodge and sail to the lodge.
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The Cloud Forest

The Ecuadorian cloud forest is one of the most bio diverse environments on the planet and is located on the slopes of the Andes mountains and about two hours driving from Quito. The cloud forest is the perfect place to see different species of birds, plants and butterflies. Seize the opportunity to feed countless hummingbirds by hand and see the blue giant morph butterfly. Cloud forests are rainforests at high altitudes. That makes the cloud forest the perfect place for adventure activities like hiking, river tubing and canopy zip lining. Discover the cloud forest and find the hidden secrets of this beautiful piece of nature.

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