Payment and conditions

The website Galapagoslastminutes is part of the officially registered travel agency Elwotravel. These are the payment terms and conditions from Elwotravel. Our Main office is located in Quito in Ecuador.

Please read these payment terms and conditions carefully. By making a reservation you acknowledge having read and agreed the following conditions:

Payment and conditions and confirmation of your reservation

After the original booking for our Lastminute Galapagos tours, we require a 100% payment within 5 days of the booking. Vouchers and tickets you will receive when full payment is made. Other parties involved with the bookings can also use these terms of payment.

When you make a reservation for a tour that is operated directly by Elwotravel, the following terms of payment will apply:

  • When the original booking is made, a 30% deposit is asked within 7 days.
  • Full payment is required 60 days before your trip starts.
  • If your reservation is made within 2 months before the start of your trip, a full payment is asked within 7 days.

You can make the payments in different ways:

  • A bank transfer into our Ecuadorian bank account. We charge a $40 fee to cover expenses that the banks charges us for receiving your money.
    A wire transfer with WISE or Revolut doesn´t have an extra charge.
  • By credit card. This is a quick and easy secure online payment method for visa and mastercard cardholders. Credit card processing fees are 4%.
  • Cash. If you are already in Ecuador, you can pay the tour in cash (US Dollars) in our office or deposit the money directly into our Ecuadorian bank account. This is the best option in order to avoid both banking charges and exchange rate costs if you are already in the country.

Our accounts are 100% SECURE and in the name of Elwotravel Cia Ltda. We will never ask you to risk paying into any account registered under a personal name.

Cancellation by client

Elwotravel will only receive cancellations by writing. Cancellation policies for Galapagos Cruises, Jungle tours and all other kind of activities and tours vary per third party operator in case of cancellation. Elwotravel always has to follow the third parties cancellation policy.

In case of cancellations of tours and trekkings directly operated by Elwotravel the following conditions apply:

  • 90 days  before departure of the cruise. Elwotravel shall refund the deposit minus $ 100 administration costs and any bank costs charged to us for refunding the money.
  • 90-60 days before departure of the cruise. Elwotravel will give a refund from 50% minus $ 50 administration costs.
  • 60 days before departure of the cruise. Elwotravel cannot make any refunds.

If you do not arrive on time to start any of the tours booked, refunds will not be made! Any costs that occur because of a late arrival will have to be paid by the client(s). This also applies in case of flight delays and any other situations that are beyond the control of Elwotravel.

Cancellation or changes in itineraries by the company or any third party operators

Elwotravel and third party operators receive the right to cancel or change tours in any circumstances out of their responsibility. For example changes in Ecuadorian laws, changes in National Park rules, yachts failures, etc.

Elwotravel and third party operators reserve the right to modify any service in order to assure the safety and comfort of its clients.
Our Travel agency or any other third party operator is never responsible in case of force majuere. Elwotravel will not give any refund in case of force majeure. Force majeure like war, demonstrations, riots, terrorist activity, pandemic, natural disasters or any other circumstances beyond the company’s control.


All participants for any tour need to have an appropriated health, accident and medical insurance. The client is responsible for such expenses. We recommend that all participants insure their personal property for loss and theft. Elwotravel will not make any refund for medical reasons or theft or loss of documents.

National Park Rules

All clients participating on tours have to obey Galapagos National Park Rules.
Clients have to follow normal patters of (social) behavior and always observe the safety instructions without exception. We expect all clients to behave in an appropriate and respectful manner towards crew members and guides offering tour services. Elwotravel and third party operators reserve the right to refuse service and tours for clients who act in a hostile or disruptive manner. Also to clients who disregard the welfare of other passengers, crewmembers, guides and wildlife.


By making a reservation with any of the tours you state that you are in good enough health to participate in these tours.


If you have a problem or a complaint during the tour you should contact Elwotravel directly. Elwotravel will do everything in its power to solve the problem.


It is your own responsibility to travel with a valid passport and a travel/health insurance. Elwotravel is never responsible in case you don´t have the right documents and therefore have to cancel your cruise or tour.

Entrance fees

The Entrance fee for the National Park Galapagos, flight tickets and the Migration Card are not included in the price unless mentioned.

Diet wishes

Elowtravel will always try to comply with diet wishes indicated to us in advance of a tour or cruise.


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