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Hola! My name is Ellen van der Worp.
I´m the owner of Galapagos Lastminutes.
You can contact Galapagos Lastminutes at different ways. We like to help you with the Galapagos visit that suites your needs.

If you have any questions about a Galapagos (Lastminute) cruise deal, an island based tour, a diving cruise or about a day tour to one of the uninhabited, please contact us.

You can contact Galapagos Lastminutes at:

By Skype: galapagos.last.minutes
Phone number: (+593) 98 8935082
WhatsApp: (+593) 98 8935082

We speak English, Dutch and Spanish.

You also can pass by our office (please, make an appointment first).

Our office is located at:
Vicente Solano E12-166 y La Condamine
La Vicentina, Quito
Phone number: (+593) 98 8935082

In case do not have an answer on your request or message within 24 hours, please make sure to also check your spam box!


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