Family Vacation Galapagos Islands

Family Vacation Galapagos Islands

Family Vacation

To go on a Family vacation, the Galapagos Islands are the best place in the world to visit. It’s a fun way to share the wonders of nature as a family on these islands.

The Galapagos Islands are situated about 1000 km from the coast of Ecuador. The Galapagos Islands are considered a natural heritage of humanity. On the islands you can see the 15 emblematic species of the Archipelago in addition to the flora and fauna.

Galapagos Lastminutes helped varies Families organizing their vacation to the islands. We also can help you organize your amazing, adventure Family vacation. We will ask your wishes for your once-in-a-life-time experience and help you planning your trip.

On the Galapagos Islands you will find a mix of wildlife, undersea adventures, fresh daily insights and activities to suit all fitness levels and ages. A Galapagos Family vacation really does offer the perfect chance to discover these special islands.

Daily you can do hikes, kayaking, snorkeling, swimming and of course you can see a lot of Wildlife on the Islands. During the activities you can see animals like the Grand Tortoises, the Fragat Birds, Iguanas and the Blue Footed Booby birds. On a boat cruise or on an island tour, you can swim with the sea lions, which is an unforgettable experience for your kids and teens.

The best way to discover the Galapagos Islands on a Family Trip:

On a Galapagos boat cruise:

You can discover the Flora and Fauna on different Islands during a Galapagos cruise. You will sleep and have meals on board during the cruise. During the day you will visit the island and do hikes on the islands. In the afternoon there´s time to do snorkeling nearby some islands. During a boat cruise there´s also time to do kayaking on the kayaks that are available on board on different boats. Family cruises can be adapted according to the needs of the little ones. The bigger cruise boats, are offering special child programs for the little ones like cocking, cinema and board games etc.
On these bigger boats are little glass bottom boats available to look for the underwater life on the islands. On the boats you can ask for the special kids menus. During the activities to explore the islands, the kids/teens will be organized in groups with other children.

On an Island Tour:

With an Island tour you will visit two or three of the inhabited islands (depending on the tour you will make). During the tours you will make a day tour with a small boat to one of the uninhabited islands. With an Island Tour you will have more flexibility and you will have the time to explore the islands by yourself. In the evening you´re free to explore the bars and restaurants by yourself. With an Island Tour the accommodation is in a hotel. There are family rooms available in the hotels.

Children younger than 12 years old will have a discount for a boat cruise or an Island Tour.

For families considering the Galapagos boat cruise option, make sure to check age restrictions imposed by the boat company.

Galapagos Lastminutes can design the perfect Family Trip for you: please contact us with your questions or let us know your wishes and we will help you organizing your unforgettable Family Trip: info@galapagoslastminutes.com


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