Baltra Island: The Unsung Entry Point to Galapagos Adventures

In the heart of the Galapagos archipelago lies Baltra Island, often overshadowed by its more celebrated counterparts. Serving as the primary entry point for many travelers, Baltra stands as a practical hub rather than a showstopper. In this segment of our Galapagos Islands series, let’s unravel the understated charm of Baltra, a place where the mundane meets the extraordinary.


Baltra’s past is intertwined with World War II, as it housed a U.S. military airbase strategically positioned to safeguard the Panama Canal. Despite its historical significance, the island doesn’t flaunt relics or grand memorials. Instead, traces of its military past are scattered across the landscape, providing a silent testimony to a bygone era.

Things to See and Do

Baltra Airport

Baltra’s airport is functional and efficient, devoid of the touristy hustle and bustle found on some other islands. It stands as a testament to the Galapagos’ commitment to sustainable tourism, minimizing its environmental impact.
South Seymour (Isla Baltra)

Military Base

Explore the remnants of the military base, an austere reminder of Baltra’s role in history. The bunkers and structures may lack the glamour of tourist attractions, but they offer a glimpse into the island’s less-discussed narrative.

North Seymour Island Extension

Extend your visit to North Seymour, a neighboring island accessed from Baltra. While not part of the main attraction, North Seymour introduces you to the iconic blue-footed boobies, frigatebirds, and land iguanas in a quieter setting.

Animal Life

Land and Marine Iguanas

Baltra showcases the Galapagos’ renowned iguanas but without the fanfare. Land iguanas, adapted to the arid environment, roam quietly, while marine iguanas add a touch of Galapagos charm to the coastal areas.


Birdwatching on Baltra offers a more laid-back experience compared to other islands. Observe frigatebirds and swallow-tailed gulls in a tranquil setting, away from the crowds.

Sea Lions

The waters around Baltra are home to sea lions, providing a casual introduction to these marine mammals. Watch them play along the shores, setting the stage for encounters with more sea lions throughout your Galapagos journey.


Baltra Island may lack the dramatic allure of other Galapagos destinations, but it serves a crucial role as the unsung entry point to this natural wonderland. Embrace the simplicity of Baltra, where history meets practicality, and the wildlife unfolds in a more unassuming manner. As you step onto its shores, remember that the understated can be just as enriching and authentic as the grandiose in the world of Galapagos exploration.


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