Lastminute Galapagos Cruise Deals

On the pages below we have listed our offers with Galapagos Lastminute cruise deals. These deals will have great discounts for a lastminute cruise.
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Galapagos Lastminute cruise deals:

Galapagos Lastminutes offers lastminute cruise deals with great discounts on your lastminute cruise.

During a Galapagos Lastminute cruise, the stay is on the yacht (sleeping and eating). There is sailed to a next destination at night. During the day the islands are visited with the group and the guide of the yacht. Late afternoon there is the opportunity to snorkel or swim at the island where the yacht is currently located.

There are Lastminute cruises available for 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 days and even up to 15 days.

On day 1, around lunch time, you will be met at the airport by the guide. The last day of the cruise, you will be transferred to the airport after breakfast for the flight to the mainland.

When choosing a lastminute cruise, you can choose a yacht in different (price) classes:

Tourist Superior class yachts:

Tourist Superior Class yachts are small basic yachts for 12 – 16 people. Each cabin has its own private bathroom, hot water and air conditioning. The cabins have bunk beds.

First class yachts:

First Class yachts are comfortable yachts. These yachts have availability for 12 – 16 people. Each cabin has its own private bathroom, with hot water and air conditioning. Some first class yachts have double beds instead of bunk beds.

Luxury class yachts:

Luxury Class yachts have more space; the cabins are larger and have their own private sanitary facilities, hot water and air conditioning. A Jacuzzi is available on many Luxury Class yachts.

All yachts on the Galapagos Islands offer an excellent service. If you have dietary requirements during the cruise, we will inform the boat company. During the cruise a meal specially made for you will be served.

Combi Lastminute Galapagos cruise and or island hopping tour:

Another way to discover the Galapagos is to combine a short cruise of 4 (3 nights) or 5 (4 nights) days with a few days of an Island based tour. This way you can experience the best of both.