Samba Tourist Superior Class Galapagos Yacht Lastminute December 2024

Samba Tourist Superior Class Galapagos Yacht Lastminute December 2024

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  • Boat type: Motor Yacht
  • Length: 23 Meter
  • Width: 5,4 Meter
  • Passengers: 14
  • Crew: 7 people and an English-speaking guide
  • Cabins: there are 6 cabins with a bunk bed and 1 cabin with a double bed. Each cabin has its own private bathroom with warm water and air-conditioning
  • Snorkel equipment: is included.
  • Wetsuits: are for rent onboard.
  • Other: During the Galapagos cruise you can use a dining room with TV and DVD, a little library and a bar. 

Lastminute Itinerary

8-day Galapagos cruise with departure on Tuesday (Northwest Itinerary):

Day Route
tuesday Baltra, airport - Bachas
wednesday Genovesa
thursday Marchena; Punta Mejia & Black Beach
friday Isabela, Albemarle Point & Vicente Roca Point
saturday Fernandina, Espinoza Point - Isabela, Urbina Bay
sunday Isabela, Elizabeth Bay & Moreno Point
monday Floreana
tuesday Santa Cruz, Highlands – Baltra, airport
Lastminute Price: US$ 3,495.00

Cruise length

8 days

Departure date

December 3, 2024

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