special price* $ 1999.00
Number of days: 8 Departure date: 2018/10/02 (yyyy/mm/dd)

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Type:Motor Yacht
Length:23 Meters
Width:5,4 Meters
Passengers:14 passengers
Crew:7 persons and an English speaking guide.
Cabins:there are 6 cabins with a bunk bed and 1 cabin with a double bed. Each cabin has its own private bathroom with warm water and air-conditioning
Snorkel equipment:for free during the cruise
Other:During the Galapagos cruise you can use a dining room with TV and DVD, a little library and a bar.

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Galapagos islands you will visit during the cruise:

 8 day Galapagos cruise with departure on Tuesday (North West Itinerary):

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Tuesday:Baltra, airport - Bachas
Thursday:Marchena; Punta Mejia & Black Beach
Friday:Isabela, Albemarle Point & Vicente Roca Point
Saturday:Fernandina, Espinoza Point - Isabela, Urbina Bay
Sunday:Isabela, Elizabeth Bay & Moreno Point
Tuesday:Santa Cruz, Highlands – Baltra, airport


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Boat name:Samba Lastminute October 2018
Number of days:8
Departure date:2018/10/02 (yyyy/mm/dd)
Price p/p:$1999.00
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