Land tours

Galapagos Land Tour

Doing a Land tour is an excellent option for adventurous travelers. If you don´t like to explore the Galapagos Islands by a cruise, the land tour is a good alternative.

Staying in hotels on the Galapagos Islands and taking day trips has become an increasingly popular way to visit the Islands.

Explore the inhabitad Galapagos islands Santa Cruz, Isabela or San Cristóbal by a Tour. Galapagos Lastminutes offers tours with a day tour included to one of the uninhabitad islands (Bartolomé, Seymour, Santa Fe or Plazas).

Galapagos Lastminutes offers different Land Tours for different budgets!

We can help you with the accomodations in Budget class-, Standard class- or Comfort Class Hotels during the tour.
Besides you will have the accommodation in the hotels and organised activities, you also have time to explore the islands on your own. It gives you the possibility to socialize and meet the local people. Also you can discover the restaurants, bars and discotheques on the islands.

The tour can start every day with a minimum of two passengers. Also single travelers can join these tours and join a group.

Our tours will give you a fantastic alternative for your Galapagos visit. Explore the Enchanted Galapagos Islands by land tour!