About Galapagos Lastminutes

The website Galapagos Lastminutes is part of the travel agency Elwotravel based in Quito, Ecuador.

Ellen is your travel specialist in Ecuador. She can help you (without obligation) to draw up your travel proposal through Ecuador. Ellen also can give you advice by booking the (last minute) Galapagos cruise, an island tour, a dive tour and day trips on the islands.

Ellen’s story of how her journey in tourism started:

In the Netherlands I had been working for a number of years in the human resources department of a construction company. The beginning of 2002 the trip hit jitters.

The summer months I decided to travel for 3 months through Ecuador and Peru.
In Ecuador I learned Spanish with other Dutch at a language school in Quito. In Peru I traveled on my own from Lima to Cuzco and back to Lima. An unforgettable, beautiful, special trip!

Back to Quito

When I got back to Quito I was offered a job as a tour guide at a travel agency. A great opportunity to take advantage of this offer to be able to work in tourism in this way. With different groups I traveled through Ecuador. We visited  the Amazon region, the highlands, the coast and even the Galapagos Islands. During these trips I gained a lot of experience about the people and cultures in Ecuador.

After my experience of guiding I was able to work at a travel agency in Quito. I was involved in drafting tours through Ecuador and trips to the Galapagos Islands.

In 2009 with another Dutch woman we started our own websites www.galapagoslastminutes.com and

After my colleague went back to the Netherlands, I started my own travel agency, Elwotravel.  Elwotravel is also working with the two websites Galapagos Lastminutes and Jungle Ecuador.
I work at my own travel agency with great enthusiasm and like to help people with an amazing trip also.

Due to my experience in tourism in recent years, I have been able to help many customers with great pleasure with a beautiful trip through Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.

Hopefully I can also give you advice for an unforgettable trip in the country I fell in love with from the beginning ?!